April Fools… Oh thats right, It’s May.

The process of Spring gardening and recipe testing has begun. I am stoked with the idea of creating a lovely sitting area flowing with living greenery rustic and antique metal pieces. Having lived within suburban and urban settings most of my life, I have never really been concerned with wildlife as close as 15 feet of my patio. While it is beautiful and peaceful, it has a few challenges for this city girl.

The constant researching of sustainable plantlife that will assist with minimizing the unwanted pest life mosquitoes, knats and etc. without the need for harsh chemicals that I must also breathe in continues. I am assured that such a thing does exist by many naturalists and enviornment practitioners. I am not ready to reveal thee current stage of my patio santuary, but soon.

Almost forgot, the exerimenting of Gluten Free and non dairy recipies is going to a new levels. Tried a few recipes out this past weekend on a few unsuspecting quest with rave reviews. The dinner guest  did not care that it was GF and ND, but rather the reviews were that of delight and repeat servings..

Enjoing the Spring, its going to be very exciting.