Breakfast Wrap or Anytime Wrap/ Quick Meal

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As a vegetarian and sometimes a vegan, I have to pull together some pretty interesting combinations of food. Don’t get me wrong, I am very discriminating when it comes to what I like to eat. My first thoughts usually don’t stir me wrong, so I’ve learned to follow my gut, [pun intended]!

I don’t generally have quick food or fast food items in the home, so what I prepare is usually something fresh. One rule I follow: if it’s in my refrigerator or pantry, then I can eat it. So I go from there. This morning was no different, I had literally 20 minutes to prepare and run out the door.  Given my time constraint, I decided to fix a wrap. I ran to the refrigerator and proceeded to remove a handful of items I felt would make a great combination with little fuss.

More than a week ago, I roasted some eggplant just to make sure it did not go bad before I got to it. I gathered that container with a grateful thought; this will finish the eggplant and add bulk to my wrap. Next, the kale; this needed some attention to prep for cooking. In a few moments, it was in the pan. I sliced and chopped the red and green bell peppers and tossed them in, I had prepped onions the night before and froze them, so I tossed them in too. The simmering of the sauté was going nicely, I sliced and cubed tomatoes and tossed it in and stirred for another moment.  Adding a dash of pepper and splash of Braggs liquid amino and place the flour tortilla on top of the heated veggies to heat. After a moment, turn the tortilla over. Remove the tortilla to parchment paper; add cheese to the stir fried veggies while they are hot! Using a spatula, put cooked veggie mixture onto the flour tortilla and proceed to wrap it up in parchment paper till sitting at my desk.

Ingredients:   Portioned for 1 – 2 Wraps

1 cup uncooked Kale, washed, dried and stems removed

4 thinly slices of Roasted Eggplant – about ½ cup

1/4 cup chopped Red Peppers

¼ cup chopped Green Peppers

1/8 cup chopped Onions

1 – Small Tomato chopped

Pinch Ground Pepper [black or cayenne]

Dash of Brags Liquid Amino

Shredded Cheese / Vegan or Regular (optional)