Sweet pics from GG’s Patio Container Garden 2015


These are a few of the pics from my patio -container garden 2015. Watering a patio container garden is different when you don’t have available water source – so what do you do. Keep bottles of water on hand for those hot and thirsty days to keep the plants green and growing sturdy. You just about have to water on a daily basis to keep the soil from drying out.  I saw some cool ideas on the net that I might try for 2016 – some self watering systems. Enough about that!

2016 I will also try indoor herbs that require a very different approach not so much watering. I am so excited about that possibility. I already have the seeds and medium for planing and the pots are so cool, they are made from recycled natural materials. It won’t be long now, in about a week or two I will break ground, so to speak.

As soon as my helpers arrive, we can get this party started. Stay tuned.