Hello, this is my first blog.

Quinoa Kale Steaks

From the freshest products an imaginary dish appears.

Quinoa Kale Steaks

I call these Kale Steaks, because they are scrumptious and filling. It is okay that the meal is good for you and pretty. It is a stand alone dish with all the major food groups present. But then I am a vegetarian, what else would you expect.

I am Grandma Goodie or G.G. for short,and I am a food enthusiast!

G.G. became my name with the birth of my first grand-daughter. It seems, my only goal was to get her to eat wonderful things. Kids are funny, they watch others eat to determine what they like, my grand daughter knew that when I made my plate; we would share from it. When her sister came along, the dynamic dual decided they both should side-saddle G.G. and eat from her plate. These were times of much joy; actually this still happens on occasion.

Cooking is a longtime passion of mine, learning survival cooking skills was a necessary joy; because every young woman needed to know how to feed their family someday. Becoming skillful at feeding a large family on a small income was an essential tool, there were ten (10) in my immediate family. Mastering the art of surplus cooking and making it a wonderful first-run meal (no leftovers here), was always a bright spot. Cooking became second nature, at an early age, I learned the value of hospitality and used any opportunity to sharpen those skills by entertaining. Even as a young child, I loved to organize parties and cook special meals for my family. Every birthday and anniversary was an occasion to celebrate.

It not surprising the kitchen is my go-to place. I find solitude and my mind is free to create; I still have the inquisitive spirit of youth, even at my age, [LOL].

As G.G. the blogger, I will practice the art of hospitality and invite you into my kitchen and other kitchens as well.  It will be my pleasure to invite myself into the kitchens of other foodies and feature them on this site; they have been for warned.

I am available to test recipes that are under consideration for publication, revamping or recreating as well as available for research. I will be offering small group cooking classes for kitchen basics for beginners.  Email your interest and comments to: info@testarecipe.com

As my new friends, I hope you will stop in often… I would love to see you again!

Nice Meeting you,